Sports Equipment Insurance

Sports Equipment Insurance

All Write Insurance is the first broker in BC to offer Sports Equipment Insurance to our clients. We’ve made the buying process so simple, it will take you less than 3 minutes to purchase via our website, or through any of our 90 locations across BC.

This is a great product for those who are looking to insure their expensive road bikes, sports bikes, race bikes, hybrid bikes or any bicycle that falls outside the limit of a regular home (house, condo and tenant) insurance policy. Sports bikes, for example, have gained in popularity and even the cheapest sports bikes need insurance. The same considerations should be made when looking for the best skis or snowboarding insurance options out there.

Whether you are a bicycle enthusiast, a snowboard junkie or even a casual paddle boarder, our Sports Equipment policy will make sure your equipment is covered should something happen to it. People looking for bicycle insurance in Canada are more common than ever before. With the number of bicycle thefts on the rise in Canada, there is a definite need for bike insurance, to prepare people for the worst. Numerous sports organizations are now encouraging their members to insure their equipment.

What makes this policy unique, is that should anything happen to your sports equipment and you need to file a claim, doing so won’t affect your current discount level or rates for your property (home, condo, renters) insurance. For example, you won’t see your home insurance rate jump up next year, because your bike was stolen.

What’s included in Sports Equipment Insurance?

Our Sports Equipment Insurance policy will pay to cover repairing, reinstating or replacing your activity equipment, clothing and personal effects with items of the same or similar specification following a loss, theft or even accidental damage. Keep in mind that the minimum value of your Sports Equipment must be $100. While this product doesn’t provide insurance for all sports equipment, it does offer coverage for equipment used for most amateur sports, including skiing and snowboarding, golfing, paddle boarding, cycling, surfing and a number of other activities.

Note: Our sporting equipment insurance doesn’t cover any electric bicycles or any bicycles operating with the assistance of an engine.

How much does Sports Equipment Insurance cost in BC?

We are the only insurance brokerage in BC to carry this product and it can only be purchased online via our website or through one of our 90 locations across BC. The cost to insure your sports equipment depends on a number of variables including the value of the equipment, your personal effects and any related clothing you may wish to add to the policy. In general, the coverage is very inexpensive and starts as low as $25 per year. 

Should you buy Sports Equipment Insurance?

Take a good look at all the sports equipment you own. Is it covered should any of the items get stolen or break down? Secondly, make sure you check your regular home insurance policy to see whether it covers your bicycle, skis, canoes, kayaks, snowboards, surfboards, windsurfer items, paddleboards, or golf clubs. While some of these items are covered in your home (homeowner, condo, tenant) policy, most are not or the limits on these items are quite low. That’s where this product would apply. As a stand-alone product, filing a claim won’t affect your own home insurance policy. Unlike a travel insurance policy, however, which covers emergency medical, including medical expenses, Sports Equipment Insurance insurers your equipment, but not yourself and your health, should you be involved in a sports accident.

This insurance will cover you up to the policy limit you select to repair, reinstate or replace your sports equipment and personal effects (less depreciation).

Can I buy Sports Equipment Insurance online?

Yes!  While our 90 locations across BC can assist you with purchasing Sports Equipment Insurance face-to-face, our Online Tool will instantly provide you with a quote and the ability to purchase a policy for your equipment, 24 hours a day, effective immediately. We are the only insurance provider in BC to offer Sports Equipment Insurance as part of our various insurance programs.  

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